About Us

BS Technologies is a competent company that competes shoulder to shoulder with the leading engineering service providers in relation to ELV engineering and provides a number of related services in a very reliable and modern manner under one roof.

ELV System for Buildings stands for Mechanical and Electrical (M&E) extra-low voltage System deployed in residential and commercial buildings for the purposes of better control and security. Usually it comprises a variety of sub-systems.

BS Technologies has a wide expertness in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and has gained good exposure in Building Management Systems in terms of ELV engineering, electrical and control systems engineering. More importantly, at present we are at the forefront of the integrated technological solutions of next generation in Sri Lanka, which caters for small & medium enterprises, government organizations and service providers.

Our vision is to be the one of most trusted service provider in terms of Low Voltage and Extra Low Voltage solutions in Sri Lanka, while our mission is to determine to deliver our promises, beyond the expectations of our clients, by continuously upgrading our quality standards through regular training and networking with world best brands.

Our greatest accomplishments

We have involved and successfully completed more than 260 numbers of medium scale projects until now in the spheres of electrical, electronic and mechanical engineering applications such as smart and non-smart building electrical power distribution systems, energy conversions, surge protection, CCTV surveillance systems, smart security systems, fire detection systems, access control and time attendance systems, PA/MATV systems, networking and developing IT infrastructures, PABX and Etc.

The service which was limited to Colombo has spread several districts of Sri Lanka.

Customer base has increased substantially, consequently numerous private and government organizations have trusted on BS Technologies and we are providing a reliable service for them.   At this time we have enhanced the capacity and the scope of our services. For instance, we have started to construct fully equipped audio visual studios with total solutions such as form microphone to acoustic sound proofing building.