About Us

I designed and implemented intelligent smart security system as a final year individual project of my BTECH program in 2012. The system could be applied for any commercial application and I could exhibit it on a new innovation exhibition which was held at that time. The project conception of mine was in great demand and this was a turning point of my life because at that time security systems were not in well popular commodity in the society. After completion my all academics I promoted to install ELV (related to extra low voltage) systems with a business idea based on my final year project. Afterwards, I started a business with that idea in the same year with two technicians.

The business was registered as a partnership company named BS Technologies and opened an office with four employees who work contract basis. I have been executing the role of Director / Chief Engineering of BS Technologies. At present we were able to develop the business in several aspects as follows:

  • I have involved and successfully completed more than 140 numbers of medium scale ELV projects until now in the spheres of engineering and management level with BS technologies such as CCTV surveillance systems, smart security systems, low voltage power distribution systems, fire detection systems, access control and time attendance systems, PA/MATV systems, networking and developing IT infrastructures, PABX and Etc.
  • Staff has been increased up to 12 people (contracted) included technicians.
  • The service which was limited to Colombo has spread several districts of Sri Lanka.
  • Customer base has increased substantially, consequently numerous private and government organizations have trusted on BS Technologies and we are providing a reliable service for them.   
  • Gross annual profit has increased up to more than 4.5 million starting from 1 million LKR. Thus we could exceed the break even at present.
  • At this time we have enhanced the capacity and the scope of our services. For instance we started buying and selling the commodities which related to ELV engineering.
  • Apart from that we have started to construct fully equipped audio visual studios with total solutions such as form microphone to acoustic sound proofing building.
  • Last but not least I have trained few technical people who can manage and accomplish any hard task even without my supervision and direct involvement.